Time To Launch Some Fireworks – It’s Fourth of July

If you’re American and reading this, Happy Fourth of July! To all my non-US readers, you’re probably at work right now and for that, I am very sorry. In an effort to do my part as a citizen of the United States, you’ll find me outside grilling up some tasty meats and launching some fireworks in celebration of the country’s birthday, though hopefully not at the same time…well… maybe, you just never know.

So what does this mean for you, dear reader? Well, for one, you won’t actually see me around these here parts today. No need to worry though, the site will be back in full swing tomorrow with a brand new video round up to look forward to. As someone who loves routine, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!


It’s probably something I should be saying more to you all, but seriously, thank you for stopping by, whether you’re a return reader or you’ve stumbled your way on to my humble little site for the first time. It sounds cliched but I do this all for you guys, so thank you for sticking with me these (almost) four years now, reading my stuff, liking my stuff, and talking to me about it. It’s exciting and strange for me to think that it actually has been four years…

Thanks again to all of you and I’ll see you guys right back here tomorrow for some new videos. If you need a fix of video game content in the meantime however, why not take a look at my other offerings on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter? I’ve recently been uploading new content to the YouTube channel so make sure to check them out if you haven’t yet. I’ve got a few things brewing as well, so stay tuned.

Now get out there, enjoy the day and play some games!

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