Airtight Games No Longer With Us?

Potentially sad news out of Redmond, Washington yesterday as Airtight Games looks to have closed it’s doors for good.

While we have no official word from company executives, GeekWire has some pretty hard evidence that suggests the 10 year independent developer is no longer with us. In the link you’ll see a picture displaying a sign that sits outside of their office with the words “Blow Out Sale” and “company closing doors” after the site stopped by their headquarters. Apparently the office equipment and other things inside are being sold at a large discount, making the chance that Airtight simply moved pretty much impossible. Not only that GeekWire reported that it’s numerous E3 awards sat on an empty desk among the many monitors and equipment waiting to be sold.

Airtight Games is best known for developing Capcom’s Dark Void, Kim Swift’s Quantum Conundrum, and more recently, Murdered: Soul Suspect. Recently this past April, they laid off about 14 members of their staff but spoke about how it was the necessary ebb and flow of game development. I don’t think anyone could have imagined that the company was seemingly in dire straits at that point.

All this is pretty shocking considering the company just released Murdered: Soul Suspect last month. I want to wish everyone affected my condolences and also the best of luck with whatever is next.

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