Valve’s ‘Love and War’ With Team Fortress 2

Never content to let their mega popular free-to-play arena shooter, Team Fortress 2, to rest on it’s laurels, Valve is once again pushing out a fairly substantial update called “Love and War” for players. So what is it exactly?

Well, Day 1 gave us a look at the “love” side to Team Fortress 2 and gave players new ways to express themselves with new dance moves including Conga, Square Dance, Rock! Paper! Scissors!, Flip, and the ever popular Skull Cracker. Day 2 represented the war side and saw new weapons and gear including a bread maker which creates unique bread based combat items. Yeah, don’t try to understand why, it’s a Team Fortress thing.

Of course, a ton of new achievements have been added to the game as well for all you hunters out there.

For long time players, many of you may know that when these large updates hit, Valve typically pushes out new a “Meet The…” video CG trailer. The same is true for Love and War but instead of giving us a short 4 minute video, how about a lengthy 15 minute film featuring the characters?

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