Microsoft Details July Xbox One Update

In what appears to now be a monthly tradition with Microsoft, a brand new update for Xbox One will be rolling out next month bringing with it new features, functionality, and ease of use. Last week at E3, Microsoft detailed what owners can expect from the July update. Let’s call it the “Achievement” update, shall we? Here’s a look:

Arguably the biggest piece to this update is the ability to snap achievements while playing a game. For you achievement hunters out there, doing this will actually help you better track the game’s list of achievements. Better yet, the achievement’s are updated in real time as you’re playing as well. In addition, you’ll also be able to ‘Get Help’ on any achievement which will see the Xbox scan the internet and pull back relevant sites, tips, and strategies based on that achievement.

Other updates include the ability for users in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria to be able to select voice control using the English or German voice models from other countries. Now you’ll be able to select which dialect of your language fits you the best. Double tapping the middle button on your controller will now activate “Snap Center” which will let you pick which app you’d like to snap without having to leave your game to do so. Microsoft is also laying the groundwork to support more digital bundles and compilation disk offerings which will give players even more choice and options when buying digitally.

Finally, something I’ve always wanted but is a pure ‘fluff’ element is to be able to like or have a way for you to acknowledge someone’s video clip. With this update, Microsoft is giving us the ability to like Game DVR clips.

Here’s a video look at the updates coming next month:

Want to have your voice heard? Microsoft has gone ahead and set up a new feedback website to better help them focus on fixing/updating the things that people want on this platform. Already feedback and ideas have helped come up with some of the more interesting features and updates plus, it’s a good way to help keep Microsoft focused on correcting some of the issues that mean more to us, users.

The update above will be rolling out this week to early access users while everyone else can expect this (probably) in the first of July.

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