E3 2014: Additional Details Arise for Mortal Kombat X

If you were like me after watching the debut trailer for Netherrealm’s newest entry in their long running fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat X, you wanted to see more characters. It’s pretty much a normal reaction to any fighting game as you want to see if your favorites made the cut and if they did, then how did they change.


With E3 2014 now raging in Los Angeles, series creator, Ed Boon, has been showing off the game and also revealing new elements to this entry. In terms of the storyline, Mortal Kombat X spans 25 years after the events of the last game. This is significant because certain characters more than likely won’t be returning due to the aging process. In fact, a couple of characters on the current roster are related to former fighters in some capacity. More on that in a second though. This makes me wonder who will actually be returning as if we’re talking about the aging process then it doesn’t look good for the more human characters like Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Stryker, and Nightwolf to name a few.

What I found most interesting is that of the six fighters playable on the show floor, four of them are completely new to the series. Cassie Cage, a spec ops soldier, is the daughter of series mainstay’s Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage so she has inherited a style that represents them both. Kotal Kahn looks like an Aztec warrior, but if his last name is any indication, you’d have to imagine he’s in some way related to Shao Kahn. D’Vorah is a half human, half insect fighter who hits lightning fast, and the hulking brute Ferra has a little girl riding on him named Torr. What I found refreshing about these character reveals is that they’re not simple palette swaps, as they all feature new and unique mechanics not seen in past iterations.

Another huge piece to the game will be selecting a style when at the character select screen. Each character has three different styles or stances to pick from which adds a strategic layer to each match as different styles replace certain abilities and combo options for each character. Scorpion for example can pick from Ninjitsu (adds dual sword based attacks), Hellfire (adds flame based attacks), and Inferno (can summon demons to assist). Granted, these style options won’t affect Scorpion’s core abilities such as his Teleport punch or trademark spear throw, they just serve to provide tactical options to the player.

Finally, Netherrealm has added environmental attacks to the game which Injustice players should be extremely familiar with. Certain elements on a stage can be interacted with from throwing an item, jumping off of something, or event swinging on a tree branch to kick your opponent in the face. It’s no secret that Mortal Kombat X not only will be the prettiest looking game in the series, but it’ll also be the most fluid with character animations moving silky smooth on next generation hardware. The game looks even better than the wonderful reboot back in 2011, even though we’re still missing a lot of information. Currently sporting a vague 2015 release window, here’s hoping we get more information straight from Netherrealm soon.

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