The Surprises of E3 2014: Day 1

Day One of E3 is in the books and we got a look into the future for Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. While I don’t think there were any “OMG” style surprises this year, we were treated to a number of great game reveals. These are a few of my picks, but what were yours from yesterday?

Here’s a few of the notable ones:

Grim Fandango
Prior to Sony’s presser, I saw a tweet from Double Fine encouraging people to watch. I figured they were set to reveal that one of their games like Massive Chalice or Costume Quest 2 was coming to the PlayStation 4 or Vita. Not so. In a funny and typical Double Fine style announcement, Sony’s Adam Boyes revealed that Double Fine and Sony were teaming up to bring back this classic adventure game in a new remastered version for the PS4 and Vita.

Rainbow Six Siege
It’s been a long time since Ubisoft revealed the former Rainbow 6: Patriots. After going dark and losing key members of the team, rumors began circulating that the project was canceled. We now know that Patriots was indeed scrapped and born out of those ashes for next generation systems (and PC) came Siege. Confirmed to feature a single player campaign and cooperative modes, Ubisoft revealed a 5 on 5 competative mode where a team of Rainbow Six agents stormed a house to rescue a hostage from 5 enemy players. It looked really tense, exciting, and with the added destructibility of the house, chaotic.

Phantom Dust
I think many people are like me in that when this game was announced, the first reaction was: “Huh, what’s this”? Yes, Phantom Dust was originally released on the first Xbox to great reviews but ultimately didn’t sell well. Microsoft is looking to revive the game again on Xbox One by a team led by industry veteran Ken Lobb. Hopefully this time, this critical darling can find the audience it never got.

Limbo was one of my favorite games to come out of the Xbox Live Arcade. Originally featured in the “Summer of Arcade” promotion on the Xbox 360, Limbo had a fantastic visual style, using only a greyscale color scheme. Unfortunately for us, the team at Playdead take’s their sweet time developing games which is why we haven’t heard from them in such a long time. The silence was broken yesterday as their new game, Inside, was revealed. The trailer struck a chord immediately as the same clean greyscale color scheme was on full display as a younger boy navigated through what looked to be an enemy occupied city. I can’t wait to find out more on this one.

LittleBigPlanet 3
After confirming that they wouldn’t be attending E3 this year, Media Molecule pulled a fast one on us all after appearing on stage to show off LittleBigPlanet 3. This new game in the franchise appears to be more co-op focused as it revealed three new characters to go along side Sackboy. The different character also have different abilities which should make the level design that much more complex to satisfy each style. Thankfully, the visual design is exactly what you’d expect from this series, featuring different materials and crafting supplies making up a level. It goes without saying that LBP still retains that wonderful personality and charm.

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2 Responses to The Surprises of E3 2014: Day 1

  1. Chuck says:

    Grim, Grim, Grim, Grim Fandango! Biggest bestest surprise coming out of E3 2014 has me so fucking jazzed its insane! In other games, I felt LBP3 was a massive letdown, still features poor platforming which their own developers can’t use. It will have great creations, but meh. Also, I do not see No Mans Sky in your list…your list is thus invalid!

    • True, fair point. My viewpoint on No Man’s Sky was that it was previously revealed and shown off so technically not a surprise reveal. Looks incredible though!

      While I love the art direction on the LittleBigPlanet games, I totally agree that the platforming isn’t great. Still, I’m happy to have Sackboy back even if his own developers had trouble playing. Made for some awkward entertainment though…

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