Nintendo Announces YouTube Affiliate Program

It’s been no secret that Nintendo has been looking for ways to tap into the money stream through people’s “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. Almost a year ago, you may remember them actually claiming ad revenue using YouTube’s Content ID Match on Nintendo related Let’s Plays from many users on the popular site. The massive backlash that ensued caused the company to backoff somewhat, but now, they’re proposing a different method.

As translated by Gamasutra, Nintendo announced through it’s Twitter account, a new affiliate ad-sharing program in which the video creator and Nintendo will split the ad revenue. So instead of taking all of your revenue, they’ve decided to instead only take half of it. As an added bonus, the video’s creator will also need to seek special permission from Nintendo directly to obtain their share. How thoughtful, right?

From what I’ve been hearing, Nintendo has also already gotten a head start, tagging numerous user videos already with their own ads appearing on the video. What begs to be seen though is if other companies will follow suit. If it hasn’t already, this new program is sure to kick off another firestorm and probably won’t be taken too well by the Lets Play community.

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