The Order: 1886 Teases More Gameplay

With E3 just around the corner, I think we’ve started to enter into a sort of “information lockdown” state as publishers and developers work to shore up their plans for the big event. Even with news slowing to just a trickle, interesting tidbits seem to still be coming.

Sony and Ready at Dawn saw fit late last week to tease some gameplay from their highly anticipated third person shooter, The Order: 1886. In the gameplay segment, we’re given a big look at how combat works in the game. Outside of the mind melting graphics on display, The Order seems to feature a heavy dose of cover based shooting. The weapons being used also offer an interesting twist as well with the main gun being used shoots some sort of thermite shots. You can watch the 3 minutes of footage over on the PlayStation Twitch channel or have a look at the gameplay below.

Interestingly enough, reports are now circulating that the big PlayStation 4 exclusive won’t be ready until February 2015 at the earliest, meaning the title won’t be making it’s Fall 2014 release window. Well, the delay looks to be official now as Ready at Dawn has confirmed the disappointing news. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on The Order as it’s now targeting February 2015. From the initial reports and hands on impressions from a few months ago, the game may need the extra development time. While we don’t have official word, definitely treat this as speculation as we should get the official word in a few weeks at E3.

Still, I’m a sucker for history base games so The Order 1886 remains high on my list as is twists together urban legends, the industrial revolution, and some sweet 19th century London into one interesting package. I hope Ready at Dawn gets the time they need to really pull this title together because it has the potential to be something special.

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3 Responses to The Order: 1886 Teases More Gameplay

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    This game certainly looks interesting. It’ll be nice to play in this sort of alternate-past sort of setting if those weapons are any indication.

    • Yeah, completely agree. That’s one of the more compelling things about this game for me, their take on this alternate reality. Kind of like mythology meets history.

      I really hope this game comes together well.

      • Hatm0nster says:

        I think the only thing that would tank this game is wasting the setting with a crummy plot…or tacked-on multiplayer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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