Four New Hunters Enter The Fight In Evolve

A lot of Evolve news hit yesterday including more content for the game and the all important release date.

First, Turtle Rock announced the addition of four additional hunters to the game to go along with Val, Hank, Markov, and Griffin.


The new Assault character is Hyde, an eyepatch wearing offensive juggernaut. Hyde comes with a chaingun and a flamethrower which deals the most damage of any gun in the game. To balance out this damage, the flamethrower has a very limited range so you’ll need to get up close to the monster to use it. Hyde also comes packed with toxin greneades.

Maggie represents the Trapper class and unlike Griffin, she comes with a trapjaw pet names Daisy. The trapjaw actually tracks the monster’s movement, giving the team invaluable data on which way to go. Maggie/Daisy can also revive downed characters while using a harpoon trap gun, which shoots out traps that create tethers to trap the beast once primed.

Lazarus is the new medic and surprisingly, he lacks the ability to actively heal his teammates. Instead, Laz sends out a pulse wave of healing energy. Not only that, Lazarus can actually revive teammates from the dead (not just in a “downed” state) which makes him an extremely important asset as his ability can prevent anyone from waiting 2 minutes to respawn. Laz also comes with a personal cloaking device and a silenced sniper rifle as well.

Finally, Bucket is your new support class. This robot can yank off his head and use it as a surveillance drone and if he spots the monster, it’ll light up on everyone’s map. Bucket can also utilize flying sentry guns and a laser guided missile launcher as well.

What I find the most interesting about this piece of news is that these are not simply palette swaps. These new characters have different abilities and loadouts so playing them changes how you play and approach situations. What’s also great is that you can mix and match between all the 8 characters as well giving players even more variety. Here’s hoping that Turtle Rock has additional hunters up their sleeve. I do love having choices. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get at least one monster reveal at E3 in a couple weeks.

Finally, the big piece of news to come out is the actual release date. For those of you hoping for a quiet month of October, I’m sorry to burst that bubble. Evolve hits on October 21, so make sure to get your wallets ready.

Curious to know what I thought of Evolve during my time with it at PAX East? Have a look here.

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