Here’s A Look At The June Update For Xbox One

As I’ve said in the past, I’m really impressed that Microsoft has been able to stick with these quick hitting updates on a monthly basis. Typically, they would update the 360 in two massive chunks each year through a fall and spring update. That’s great and all but for the Xbox One, who is still trying to sway buyers and continually add features, updating quickly is a wise move.

I’ve already detailed past updates, so lets move forward and have a look at what Microsoft is planning for their console in the month of June, shall we?

Arguably, the biggest addition lets users now utilize external storage to increase their storage capacity. It works pretty much the same way as it did on the Xbox 360, just plug in a USB 3.0 external hard drive with at least 256GB of space (you can use up to 2 at one time) and start moving pretty much anything from games to DLC to apps. This method also allows you to bring that content to a friends house as well if you want.

Another feature being added in is the ability to use real names instead of gamertags, which is something PlayStation 4 users are well aware of already. If you’re like me, you may have a couple of people on your friends list who you just can’t quite remember who they really are. This will help solve those mysteries. Not only that, you can share your name with all friends, ones who you specifically pick, or none at all. And for those of your wondering, real names won’t be used in games either so no need to worry about that.

Other additions in this update include a new “Games With Gold” hub on the Xbox One, the gold membership requirement for certain subscription apps (like Netflix and Hulu) being removed, TV and OneGuide features being expanded to include more countries including Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Lastly, SmartGl;ass can now be used as a universal remote and will feature the entire OneGuide experience. For a more detailed rundown, make sure to read the official post over on Major Nelson’s site.

The update should be rolling out to members who signed up to preview the changes and will hit publicly sometime in June. If you want to get a look at the update, here’s a video detailing everything:

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