GameSpy Shutdown Causing 50 EA Games Going Offline

When the news that GameSpy would stop hosting online games hit early in April, understandably it caused a certain amount of panic for companies and gamers alike. There’s a huge amount of games that currently use the service which now leaves their fates up in the air. While companies like Netherrealm Studios, Capcom and Rockstar have already confirmed their games are moving to different platforms, EA announced yesterday that they would be shutting down over 50 games due to GameSpy’s ending service.


While EA has confirmed that they’ve looked into other platforms to move their games to, due to technical issues and also concerns over player experience, EA has decided that it just isn’t possible. Sadly, no alternative solutions have been found and as of right now, games that currently use GameSpy are going to be brought offline at the end of June. With that said, EA is looking into community based support options for some of the games that still have large audiences, but at this point in time, nothing is imminent.

So what games are affected? You can view the entire list here, but those of you playing games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, Crysis 2, Command & Conquer Generals (and C&C 3), and the Neverwinter Nights series your online time is limited. It’s kind of surprising that EA hasn’t been able to overcome the technical issues to keep these games running but hopefully they can find a solution going forward and keep these gaming communities going.

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