E3 2014 Predictions and Thoughts

It’s hard to believe but E3 is only a month away. As dictated by a fake set of rules here at Gamer Crash, I’m obligated to now present to you all, my E3 2014 predictions. With the new consoles out, it’s now time to really pull the flood gates back and show off some software. For me, the theme this year centers around games and software.

Just like previous years, I’ve broken things down for the ‘big 3’ and what I expect to see followed by what I personally would like to see at this year’s show. Like outrageous shot in the dark predictions? I’ve got those for you as well.

It’s a good sized list, so I’ve tucked it away after the jump for you…

Nintendo – Convince The Masses
Here’s the scary aspect. Everything that I’ve written below this echoes closely to what I wrote for Nintento last year. As you can image things have not gotten any better since. They’re still lagging behind Microsoft and Sony, The WiiU is not catching on, and worse yet, they’re constantly reporting operating losses at the end of quarters and fiscal years. Coming into E3 this year, Nintendo seems to be between a rock and a hard place. While the 3DS is now a wildly popular hand held device, the WiiU continues to struggle mightily. While the Big N isn’t attending E3 this year, they need to use their Nintendo Direct to really convince us as to why we need a WiiU in our homes. Showing off compelling games would go a long way as this console seems to go into long periods of software drought. It’s almost getting to that “now or never” stage with the WiiU so I’m interested to see if Nintendo brings the big guns to the party this year. If they don’t, time may be running out…

Microsoft – Winning The Hardcore Crowd
Leading up to E3, Microsoft has promised to devote their press conference to showing off the games. Head of Xbox and Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer has promised everything from sequels to full fledged new IPs which is great because as we remember, Microsoft dug themselves into a massive whole at this time last year with mixed messages and confusing rules on what we now know as the Xbox One. Keep the messaging clear and concise this time around. Focusing on games and “cutting out the fat” would do wonders in selling people on the fence why their console is the one to own. We’ll finally get to see if Microsoft has learned from the disaster that was E3 2013.

Sony – Games! Games! Games!
It’s really no secret that software has been a bit scarce since the jump to next generation systems. The big focus for Sony is quite similar for Microsoft: they need to focus on software and tell us why we should be supporting their console. Lets downplay the speeches and stats, which Sony’s prone to doing, and focus on the thing that we want: games. As anyone will tell you, they knocked their press conference out of the park last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how they approach this year’s show. A recent rumor outed their plans for E3 featuring a ton of games both announced and unannounced. If they stick to that, it should be another excellent show for the PlayStation brand. Currently in first place for sales, here’s hoping they don’t rest on their laurels and keep the accelerator pushed down.

My E3 Wishlist
Sunset Overdrive
I have no doubt that Microsoft will be featuring this new IP from Insomniac during their press conference. What surprises me is how excited I am for this game which is all based on a simple teaser trailer from last year’s show. With the embargo expiring last week and all sorts of new information flooding the web, I just really want to see some live demo gameplay being played. From everything I read, this is a game that I’m definitely interested in.

Return of the Prince
It’s been a while since we’ve been graced by The Prince and I personally believe the hiatus has only been good for the franchise. I’m hoping that Ubisoft decides to revisit this franchise as there’s so much untapped potential. I know the 2007 “reboot” was divisive but I really enjoyed my time with that game and wouldn’t be disappointed by a return visit to that universe. I’ve also heard rumblings of a UbiArt Framework game being worked on and I’d be extremely interested in seeing that. Especially when you look at the beautiful games the engine has already produced in Rayman Origins/Legends, Child of Light, and the upcoming Valiant Hearts.

EA and their Star Wars IPs
Battlefront III is going to be front and center for many, but I’m curious to know what the other studios are working on, especially Visceral now that they have Amy Hennig and Todd Stashwick. I would absolutely love to see a sort of Star Wars 1313 style game being worked on and maybe,  just maybe, it’ll reduce the sting of 1313’s cancellation. With the mature oriented Visceral Games behind it, it could be very interesting.

Mass Effect Reborn
Speaking of EA, I’m also curious to see if BioWare is ready to show off or at least tease the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise. Here’s hoping because I’m really interested to see where they take the franchise following the previous trilogy.

Gearbox IPs – Gearbox has come out and said many times that a Borderlands 3 isn’t in development, so that leaves the lingering question: what are they working on? Hopefully E3 is the place to show off some new stuff. Remember that Furious Four tease from years ago? I’m ready to see what was done with that title.

The Division
Not much to say here. Frankly, I just want to see more of this game.

It’s hard to believe that Fallout 3 released all the way back in 2008. With Skyrim long out in the wild, you’d think that Bethesda has moved back to Fallout. With the new game rumored to be taking place in Massachussets, I’m eager to see what this game actually looks like if it is indeed coming to next gen consoles. Plus, the thought of seeing all of my favorite Boston sights in a Fallout game is mighty appealing.

Assassin’s Creed Unity
This one is fairly obvious but I can’t wait to learn more about this title which takes place during the French Revolution, a setting I’ve long been wishing for the series to visit. Needless to say, I’m excited about this one. Better yet, it’s being developed for next gen consoles and PC, so visually I’m expecting big things. I know this one will be there so I can’t wait to get the actual details and what to expect. Will we be getting that rumored co-op mode finally?

Gears of War Returns
While we probably won’t ever see what Black Tusk was working on prior to getting the Gears of War IP, I am curious to see their take on this universe. Will we get new characters, a new setting on the planet of Sera, and a new direction? Whether or not they have enough material ready to show off is anyone’s guess. Rumor is that a teaser is prepped and ready to go so perhaps we won’t have too long to wait.

New IPs
Sequels are great and all, but the next generation of consoles gives developers a perfect excuse to branch out and start fresh. We’ve got a number of great new IPs being developed like The Division, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, and The Order 1886, but I’d love to see what else is up the gaming industry’s sleeves.

Shot-In-The-Dark Predictions
Rainbow 6 Unveiled – I know, this one is seemingly here every year. I have to be right one of these years, right?

Last Guardian – See description above…

Mirror’s Edge 2 – They teased it last year, so you’d think EA and DICE would be ready to show something off right?

Next Tomb Raider – I loved last year’s Tomb Raider reboot and I’ve heard that Crystal Dynamics is forging on with a sequel. Hopefully we can get a look.

Sleeping Dogs 2? – United Front is working on something that’s for sure. Is it a follow up to the wonderful open world game, Sleeping Dogs or something else entirely? I’m ready to know more.

More Homefront – We all know Crytek is working on Homefront 2 and managed to buy the IP when THQ went down. The real question remains, when will we see what they’ve managed to create? Just imagine the CryEngine running this franchise…

Super Longshot – Capcom gives us that long awaited new Mega Man title.
Ultra Longshot – Prey 2 is shown off after going dark for so long. Hey, one can dream, right?

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Seeing the new Mass Effect would be excellent! Hopefully they’ll be doing something removed from the time period of the first 3 games.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping for that as well. I enjoyed my time with the good Commander and all but I’d love to see what other stories they can tell from this universe.

      • Hatm0nster says:

        This is a long shot (okay supremely-long), but some sort of detective story in space would be cool. The setup could have your character working as an investigator in C-Sec or something.

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