Xbox One May Update Has Been Detailed By Microsoft

In what seems to be a monthly tradition now, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson “Hyrb has recently posted what to expect from a May update on your Xbox One. It’s a smaller update this month but does hold at least one feature that has been requested quite a bit.

To me, the biggest update is that now you’ll be able to adjust the volume for snapped apps. Finally you’ll be able to adjust and set the volume levels for app that you’ve snapped to the screen using a sound mixer. Audio controls for when chatting through Kinect have also been added as well. While this feature has been highly requested especially for those of you who like to watch TV while playing a game, I’m still waiting for the ability to run an app in the background while playing something else. Kind of like using multiple apps but being able to hide the window rather than give it part of the screen.

The second feature allows you to opt in to a feature that will collect your speech data. Microsoft has confirmed that this information will be used for product improvement only so try not to let the fear of the government and NSA get to you. Seriously though, Microsoft plans to use this data to improve Kinect’s voice recognition algorithms and responsiveness. With a wide range of voices, dialects, and regional accents, it’s a smart idea. While this is entirely optional, if you’re feeling up for it, head over to settings, then Privacy & Online Safety, go to Customizing privacy and online safety and then set “Share Voice Data” to Allow.

People who are in the Early Access Program will be seeing this roll out this week (if not using it already) with an arrival date sometime later this month for everyone else.

So what do you think about this update? What are you still waiting to see added/updated to the platform?

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