UWG Top 10: #10 – Super Metroid

Fun fact: I sometimes write for the fine folks over at United We Game and over there we’re big on putting together some fun features on a monthly basis. This month we’re bringing a brand new Community Series to you all detailing our top 10 favorite games of all time.

It was a long and hard struggle to whittle down a massive list punctuated with tables being flipped and many gladiatorial battles taking place. But we made it and throughout the following 10 days, one of the fine writers of United We Game will offer their insights on a new title. Today I get the party started with one of my personal favorites: Super Metroid.

So make sure you tune back in each day at United We Game for another unique look at a new title that we all feel is excellent in it’s own right. Enjoy!


To this day, I still don’t know how I managed to choose Super Metroid.

Lets face it, 1995 was a completely different era for gamers. It was the age of Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis, Mortal Kombat was still considered to be extremely controversial, Nintendo Power was a huge selling magazine, game purchases were done only in big retail stores and more importantly, online blogs, game sites, and social media didn’t exist. I know to many of you, I just blew your mind, but yes, buying a game was a major process back then and usually involved trying to convince your parents to shell out the necessary money.

Walking around the local Toys ‘R’ Us (when they used a crazy yellow ticket system to purchase games), I can remember coming across a game called ‘Super Metroid’ featuring a character in a orange suit fighting a dragon like character. I had…

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