Super Smash Bros Release Window and New Details

For many WiiU owners, Super Smash Bros is a must have game. Unfortunately for them, Nintendo has seen fit to keep the game underwraps, only teasing out little scraps of information here and there. Thankfully, that tactic was put aside on Tuesday night as a new Nintendo Direct released focusing solely on the upcoming game for WiiU and 3DS giving players unprecedented information and hopefully building new hype for the struggling WiiU console.


I’m not going to go into every detail as the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, spent a lot of time covering a vast amount of topics which would make this post much longer than it really needs to be. I’ve included the video below so you can watch it from the comfort of your couch/computer chair/stool/etc so you can absorb every single detail. For now though, lets have a look at some key aspects of the highly anticipated fighter.

Release Date
I know this is probably the most requested detail and while Nintendo didn’t completely spill the beans (wait for E3 on that), they did narrow the window a bit. For you 3DS owners, the wait is much shorter as the game is looking at a Summer 2014 release. Surprisingly, the WiiU version is further out as you’ll be waiting until a Winter/Holiday 2014 release.

New Characters
Of course, in a detailed announcement such as this, new characters would be at the core of it right? Yes, you bet. Yoshi was confirmed playable along with Charizard and Greninja, two Pokemon characters.

Not only that, any characters who could transform (Zelda/Shiek, Samus/Zero Suit) in previous games, would be split for this one. This means that Zelda and Shiek are treated as completely different characters allowing Sakurai and his team to better balance and add moves for both characters rather than changing the players mindset with a new moveset. Same applies to Power Suit Samus and Zero Suit Samus.

New Campaign Mode (3DS Only)
So previously, the big news was that Brawl’s Adventure Mode campaign wasn’t coming back. Only Nintendo didn’t announce what would be taking it’s place. Interestingly enough, after the Direct, we still don’t know what’s going to be there in the WiiU version, but Sakurai did confirm “Smash Run” for the 3DS version. Smash Run pits 4 players against one another as they content with platforming and combat. As players race through these maze like levels, they’ll also be contending with AI-controlled enemies and power-ups scattered along the way. After 5 minutes, players will face off against each other with the help of any items they’ve acquired. So yeah, not exactly a single player mode.

Multiplayer News
Smash Bros Multiplayer is going to get split into two modes: “For Glory” and “For Fun”. For Fun is your traditional Smash game where all stages and items are active. In this mode, only wins are recorded. If you’re the hardcore type, “For Glory” pits only two players against each other on the “Final Destination” map without the aid of items. In here, wins and losses are kept.

On a technical front, Sakurai confirmed that the online features will function similarly to how they were in Brawl. Nintendo is also taking a stand against cheaters and griefers, promising to ban players who abuse other players, cheat, or drop out of matches frequently. To help this effort, Nintendo Network IDs will be used which will allow players to report bad behavior. Players who create false reports on other players can be banned as well.

Curious to know more? As I mentioned above, here’s the uncut footage and complete video. Enjoy!

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