Xbox One April Update Getting Even More Features

So remember that post I made like a month ago about upcoming features for the Xbox One? Well, Microsoft has confirmed that the April update which we knew was going to add in social features such as the “toasts” notifications making a come back, is suddenly getting much bigger in size and scope.

So just what else can you expect in this month’s update? Here are some things Microsoft is targeting for the next system update.

The controller and headset adapter are getting firmware updates to help improve wireless connectivity and also reducing audio static. On the blu-ray front, 50Hz video output support added for content recorded at 50Hz is getting added in as well.

An “Update On Demand” feature is also being added in giving users the option to update as soon as it’s available rather than waiting for the console to do it on it’s own. Silent Reboot on the other hand allows the Xbox One to update itself without turning on if the system is set to “Instant On” mode. This will allow the system to update itself and return to a standby state preventing the system from having to update once it’s turned on. Pretty handy feature if you ask me.

Okay, so it may not be as glamorous as the March update, but I’m just happy to see the continued support and improvement of the platform. Don’t forget, today also brings along an update to the YouTube app which will finally let users upload game play clips right to YouTube if you want.

While we don’t have an official release date yet for this update, the fact that Microsoft continues to add to it makes me think we won’t see this thing till closer to the end of the month giving them more time to test it out before going live.

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