Call of Duty Ghosts Expanding Again With Devastation and The Predator

Yes, you read the article title correctly. Not to stand pat with having only one iconic character in it’s DLC, Infinity Ward is adding The Predator into the mix as well.

Hitting later this week, the next DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts comes packed with four mulitplayer maps, the second episode of the Extinction story line and a brand new weapon called the Ripper.

According to Infinity Ward, these four new maps range from small to medium size. Ruins takes place (as you’d expect) among ancient South American ruins under the shadow of an active volcano. If you complete a field order, you may be able to cause the volcano to erupt raining fire down on the map. Behemoth on the other hand is a longer map featuring a giant excavation digger. The map itself takes place on this giant machine which is suspended high above the ground making it quite easy to fall to your death. Collision takes place on a container ship which at this point has seen better days after crashing into a bridge. So half the map takes place on a “good” half of the ship while the other half is made up of twisted metal, broken containers, basically where the ship met the bridge. Completing a field order here gives you access to the A10, a quick hitting fighter jet. Unearthed is Ghosts take on Modern Warfare 3’s “Dome” map reimagined to be an archaeological dig site. This map will allow players to call in three aliens from the “Extinction” campaign and also find the Venom-X weapon which is hidden somewhere on this map.

If you’re looking for specific Predator information, well, Infinity Ward did confirm the big fella for this DLC but they didn’t say where or how he’d be integrated. If you’re going by the “Onslaught DLC” then my guess would be that you unlock him by performing a certain action. Based on the trailer it looks like you’ll be seeing the Predator on the “Ruins” map.

For more on Devastation, here’s the debut trailer:

You won’t need to wait long if your playing on an Xbox console as Devastation comes to Ghosts on April 3 for $15 or free if you’re a season pass holder. For everyone else, you’re more than likely looking at May 3 based on past examples.

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