Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Console News!

With Malthael now terrorizing PC players in today’s Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion release, many console players have been wondering when it’ll be their turn to return to the world of Sanctuary. If Blizzard has their way, PlayStation 4 owners won’t be waiting too long to get their hands on the “Ultimate Evil Edition” of Diablo III.

Speaking to series producer, Alex Mayberry, IGN has reported that the PS4 version of the game isn’t far behind the PC in terms of development, only having to first wait for that team to wrap things up. As elements were developed and integrated on the PC version, it would then be pulled into the console version to get it working there as well. This parallel development scheme has seemingly helped cut down on traditionally long porting times to other systems. Blizzard wouldn’t go as far as to give a hard release date but confirmed it wouldn’t be too long until we see the PlayStation 4 version hitting shelves.

IGN also learned that Blizzard has also been developing an Xbox One version in tandem with the PS4 version, though oddly enough, only the Sony console had been announced and given a release window. So what gives? Well, from the sounds of it, it’s seems to be just how Blizzard has decided to develop this time around kind of as a “just in case” sort of situation. Mayberry stopped short of officially announcing it and giving it a release window but for those of you that prefer Microsoft’s console, rest assured that the console wars do not seem to matter to the lord of terror. You may be getting your chance to smack Diablo around at some point on the Xbox One.

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