Plants vs Zombies: Garden Ware Resurrects Additional Content Today

The budget friendly third person shooter, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, is growing today with downloadable content which aims to give players more things to see and do within the game.

The Garden Variety pack is the first downloadable content from PopCap and EA and is completely free for download today…yes, you read that right, I did use ‘free’ and ‘EA” in the same sentence and the world is indeed still turning. Garden Variety introduces a number of game expanding content including a new map called Chomp Town, a new game mode, and a slew of new abilities and customization for each character class.

Chomp Town retains the game’s bright and colorful look as it features a more urban town center complete with graffiti and local shops. Just from the looks of things, expect this map to be faster paced with tight corridors dictating a more close quarters affair from players.

Gnome Bomb is the new game mode and if you’re familiar with Battlefield 4, it plays similarly to the Obliteration game mode where there’s a neutral bomb that both teams are fighting to capture and detonate 3 distinct points on the map. Only instead of an actual explosive, players will be fighting over a little gnome with a cute looking bomb strapped to its back. Crazy Dave sure would approve.

In addition to those items mentioned previously, each class will also be getting three new abilities which reports say are more intense versions of existing powers such as the Soldier zombie being able to fire three rockets instead of one. The trade-off is that these new abilities come at a cost such as longer cool down times, having to charge the attack, or instability. Characters also have a lot more visual unlocks and accessories including the Sunflower’s sunbeam ability now shooting a rainbow instead of a solid orange beam just as Mother Nature intended.

Garden Warfare is my surprise game of 2014 so far, as it’s just a ton of fun and a well made shooter. It’s nice to see PopCap and EA giving away this DLC for free which adds so much content. I hope this a trend that continues in an effort to keep the online community happy and growing. So go get to downloading!

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