8 Minutes of Awesome: inFAMOUS Second Son Gameplay

The remaining wait for Sucker Punch’s next entry in the inFAMOUS franchise feels longer and longer with each passing day. To help you get through the withdrawal symptoms, Sony and Sucker Punch have released 8 minutes of gameplay to hopefully tide you over until March 25.

In the gameplay clip below, Delsin works with Fetch, a conduit who can control neon, to eliminate a crowd of anti-conduit activists with the ultimate goal of finding their leader. inFAMOUS is a game about choice and it appears from this walkthrough that the player has chosen to go down the “bad karma” route which typically involves being destructive and embracing chaos. You’ll see some power moves such as Slam and also see how easy it is to switch abilities from neon to smoke and back again. Make sure to crank the resolution up to 1080p on the video to really enjoy the beauty that Sucker Punch has managed to capture in the city of Seattle.

I’ve been a massive fan since the very first game and this new one looks absolutely stunning. So without further adieu, here is the gameplay trailer. Enjoy and remember, the wait is almost over!

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