Irrational Games Shows Us Their Proudest Moments

While many of us will be calling down titans, defending towers, or trying to reclaim souls today, I wanted to highlight something that Irrational Games recently posted on their site. In what may be a final post for them, the departing employees of Irrational Games put together a video showing off what they’re most proud of within the upcoming Burial at Sea Episode 2 DLC for BioShock Infinite.

In the video, you’ll be seeing new aspects of gameplay including stealth mechanics and the crossbow that Elizabeth wields. Each designer has some time in the spotlight detailing their favorite aspect and even sometimes giving us an interesting look at some behind the scenes aspects like concept art. Just from what this video details, Episode Two looks like it will be a visual treat for the eyes.

What’s also super classy about this post on the site is that a massive contact list for each team member is listed below the video to help recruiters or other companies contact these individuals. The amount of love and support from the industry to help these folks has been downright inspiring. He’s a recap on the whole Irrational situation if you’re coming in late to the party.

The video can be found here. And don’t worry, if you shed a tear by the end of it, I won’t tell anyone.

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