ICYMI: Top News Items From Last Week

Well, it’s Monday morning where am I and before this week really gets underway, lets have a look back at all of the top news items from last week. Last week was so stuff with announcements and reveals that it was practically overwhelming. In case you missed any of the top stories from the week that was, I’ve grabbed the bigger ones below. Think of it like the Video Round Up only without the video part.

In case you missed it, here’s your recap of all the top events:

Disney Interactive Cuts 700 Jobs – It’s gotten to the point where I feel like any time I write about Disney in regards to games, it’s to share that they’ve cut more jobs. It’s getting pretty sad and honestly, I don’t know how people deal with the stress over there knowing that they could be out of a job at any point. This one is especially difficult as 700 jobs, a staggering number, have been cut. Most of the layoffs came from the studio Playdom as Disney looks to focus only on mobile titles and “core” franchises which probably means Infinity. It’s been a rough start to 2014 already with Irrational, Sony Santa Monica, Ghost Games, Eidos Montreal, Turbine and now Disney Interactive losing employees. Sorry to be so depressing on a Monday. You know what, lets move on…

Watch Dogs Resurfaces – After missing it’s launch date in November 2013 and going dark for the better part of 3 months, Ubisoft reintroduced the open world action game last week finally giving fans a look at a new story trailer and a release date of May 27, 2014.

Batman: Arkham Knight Announced – If you were wondering what Rocksteady has been up to since launching pretty much the highest rated Batman game ever with Arkham City, well, you got your news last week as the final chapter, Arkham Knight, was revealed.

Amy Hennig ‘Forced Out’ at Naughty Dog – This piece of news I think came as a shock to pretty much everyone. The creative director and writer for the Uncharted franchise over at Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig, is no longer with the company. She was most recently working on the upcoming PS4 installment of Uncharted. The odd part here is that rumors state she was forced out. It’s anyone’s guess as to why. Will we ever hear what actually happened? Probably not.

Jack Tretton Steps Down – Another shocking twist for Sony and their resurgance with the PS4 is that the charismatic CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Jack Tretton, announced that he was stepping down and leaving the company. Tretton has been with SCEA for the past 19 years since it’s inception in 1995. He will be replaced by Shawn Layden, currently executive vice president and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International on April 1. I have a feeling Sony’s E3 press conferences just won’t be the same going forward. You can read Jack’s farewell message on the PlayStation Blog here.

Shaq Fu Making A Come Back – No, it’s not a typo. Shaq Fu is indeed making a return. I…uh…yeah, I got nothin’. The fundraising efforts can be found here.

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