Titanfall Beta News and New Reveals

We’re now only a day away from finally getting to go hands on with Respawn’s baby and highly anticipated shooter, Titanfall. With the beta planned to kick off tomorrow open to players selected by Respawn, additional information has also come out about the secretive game placing a few more puzzle pieces into a very empty board.

With the press embargo being lifted yesterday at noon eastern time, we were given a better glimpse at the game including a new map called Boneyard, which promises to be a bit more Titan friendly in terms of scale and maneuverability. In addition to already revealed game modes such as “Attrition” (their take on Team Deathmatch) and “Hardpoint” (better known as Domination to you Call of Duty or Battlefield players), a brand new mode called “Last Titan Standing” was revealed. In it, all players begin the match already piloting their Titans. The team that has their mechs in tact at the end wins which definitely changes the strategy to more tactical in this mode. You’ll want to try to hold out as long as possible to push the odds in your team’s favor.

Finally, another new element (and a very intriguing one) was revealed in “Burn Cards.” Taking cues from collectable card games such as Magic The Gathering, players will be collecting these burn cards for doing various things in matches like successfully evacuating during a match epilogue moment and other challenges. From there, players can bring up to 3 cards with them in a match offering temporary boosts such as double XP, faster movement speed, enhanced gun damage, to even reducing the time it takes to get your Titan. The card effects last from the moment you spawn to the moment you die so make sure you choose wisely because you could very easily and accidentally waste them. Better yet, these cards can only be unlocked through playing the game son don’t expect any microtransactions here.

Beta invites will start being sent out on February 14 and will run until Feb 17 so don’t worry if you don’t get an email on day one. For those of you with a code, the beta is scheduled to begin this Friday, though a set time has not been given as of yet.

Want to know what kind of content you’ll be getting access to during the beta? Microsoft has released a video detailing that very subject. See you on the battlefield!

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