Tom Clancy’s The Division Gains An Additional Developer

Some interesting news out of Ubisoft hit late last week as it was revealed that the highly anticipated open world RPG shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, has brought in Ubisoft Reflections to help work on the game.


Currently in development in Sweden at Ubisoft Massive, it was reported in an interview by Develop with Reflections’ Managing Director, Pauline Jacquey, that about 40% of the Newcastle based Ubisoft Reflections team has been brought in to co-develop the title working on aspects such as enemies, online components, building Manhattan, and other core features. The partnership has been established for a couple months now and was said to have been set up from the desire that both studios had to work together. Reflections is best known for their work on the Driver franchise and have helped work on other high profile Ubisoft titles such as Watch_Dogs, Just Dance, and The Crew.

While Reflections has gone on record to say this does not in anyway reflect development troubles on the game, it still doesn’t inspire confidence to the public as moves like this have typically signaled issues in the past. Not only that, a rumor hit the internet about a month ago by someone who said they were close to the project saying the team has barely started working on the game and that a 2014 release was laughable at best. With the news that Reflections has been working on this title as well, things my be starting to look a bit bleak for that 2014 release after all. Then again, having multiple studios work on a single title is a tactic that is commonly used by Ubisoft (*cough*Assassin’s Creed*cough*) so it’s really hard to judge for sure what this means for The Division.

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2 Responses to Tom Clancy’s The Division Gains An Additional Developer

  1. willgsrr says:

    I don’t think we will be seeing this, this year. But I’m happy to wait if it means a better game.

    • Same here though my impatient side demands that we get it in 2014 haha

      The game had a great showing at last year’s E3, I suspect the same for this year’s show as well. I want the best game possible so if that means 2015 then so be it.

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