Microsoft Bringing Needed (and Welcomed) Updates and Changes To Xbox One

For those of you that have played it, I think we can all agree that the Xbox One isn’t a perfect experience (yet). For many of you, the party chat system has been a pain point since the console’s release last November. Microsoft knows this as well and has been collecting feedback and data in an effort to start to lay the groundwork to improve and fix these trouble spots.


Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it’s ready to start rolling out updates to correct many of the issues that people are having and introduce updates to improve the overall experience. The updates are being rolled out in two waves with the first coming in just a few days on February 11 and the second will arrive in time for Titanfall on March 4. Lets take a closer look at some of the bigger changes you’ll be seeing once these updates take effect. There are some much needed fixes and also a number of much requested tweaks.

Feb 11

  • USB Keyboards are now functional with the system
  • As requested, you’ll now be able to see and manage your hard drive
  • My Games and My Apps have now been separated making it much easier to manage things like download queues and tracking boot progress indicators.
  • A controller battery life indicator is now added to the home screen so you can see when exactly your controller will need a charge.

March 4
While they didn’t go into complete detail yet, this update will bring about a change to the party system which is something that has been in very high demand since the console’s launch.  Also promised in this update are additional features and improvements to their multiplayer systems, though detail on just what that means was not provided. Expect to hear more on this update as we head closer to March.

We all know that these consoles are constantly evolving platforms. It’s well known that the Xbox One and PS4 launched with many missing features, both of which have begun the process to start making good on those promises. A good example of this evolution process is the Xbox 360 as the console completely reinvented itself from where it started to where it ended. Night and day. Still, it’s really great to see Microsoft moving so fast to improve the overall experience.

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4 Responses to Microsoft Bringing Needed (and Welcomed) Updates and Changes To Xbox One

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Man, USB keyboards? What a different world we live in! Remember the days when Microsoft would sound all angry when anyone mentioned keyboards on their precious Xbox platform?

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