Trouble In Paradise? Ghost Games Suffers Layoffs And Need For Speed Potentially On Hold

Alright, you’re right, I made a Burnout reference in a Need for Speed article. No need for any angry emails, I just couldn’t help myself.


Some surprising news out of EA as their newly created “Need for Speed” studio, Ghost Games has suffered layoffs in their UK branch. Sadly, this news affects many of the workers who jumped from Criterion to Ghost in Guildford less than a year ago. While specific details range from just contract workers being let go, to full-time employees being moved to Visceral’s rumored Battlefield title, the only confirmed detail is via Polygon from EA stating that they have “entered a consultation period for some positions in our Ghost Games U.K. studio.” Outside of that, we just don’t know how bad the UK studio was hit.

It’s a little surprising considering how well Need for Speed: Rivals was received by the press and public alike. Perhaps it didn’t sell as well as EA had hoped or maybe this was a decision in place all along.

Unfortunately, for you Need for Speed fans, this news may also throw a monkey wrench into this year’s installment of the long running racing franchise. Sources close to the situation have stated that the next title is now on hold as EA mulls over what to do with the game. Rumors point to the main Ghost Games studio in Gothenburg, Sweden handling the franchise going forward.

As always, I want to wish those affected all the best going forward. Talented group over there so I know they’ll be back on their feet soon.

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