DICE Rewarding Battlefield 4 Players Throughout February

With February right around the corner, DICE wants to show Battlefield 4 players some love by kicking off a campaign of goodwill with it’s “Customer Appreciation Month” event.

Still trying to mend the fences after a disastrous Battlefield 4 launch back in Oct/Nov (and December as well), DICE has planned a whole month filled with events and rewards for players. In a sort of “thank you” to the community, starting on February 1, for every day that players log in, they’ll be given a bronze battlepack. On weekends, this bronze battlepack will instead be a silver one. For those who don’t know, battlepacks are essentially prize boxes filled with things like experience boosts, weapon and armor camo, and gun attachments. Typically, these are given out every few levels earned in multiplayer.

In addition, two “shortcut” bundles will be made available for free immediately unlocking all grenade types and handguns in the game. If you’re a Premium member, two additional shortcut bundles, featuring the DMR and Shotgun weapons, will also be available for free.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough, February will also see double XP weekend events for all players and premium exclusive members as well.

On a more technical level, DICE General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson confirmed that they’re continually working to improve the netcode being used by the game and mentioned that details will be made available soon on what they’ve done and are doing. In addition, to promote transparency, DICE is planning to host interviews with some of the core Battlefield 4 developers to allow players to ask certain questions such as “what do they do” or “what did they contribute to the game.” Frankly, with how bad things have gotten, this could be a very dangerous segment from a developer viewpoint.

For the full rundown of events and bonuses happening in February, the official post can be found here.

So dear reader, I ask you this. If you’ve given up or are a bit jaded by what’s gone on with Battlefield 4, is this enough to bring you back or is it just too little too late?

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4 Responses to DICE Rewarding Battlefield 4 Players Throughout February

  1. willgsrr says:

    Nice! I will be making use of this.

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