Refunds Now Available for Unwanted Pre-Orders On Steam

Ever preorder a game on Steam only to find out that it just wasn’t as great as you had hoped? Normally, the process for getting your money back was arduous enough that it usually resulted in just going ahead with the purchase anyway. As of last week, it appears that Valve has simplified the process considerably that you just may miss speaking to Valve’s support staff. Ah, who am I kidding.

The discovery was posted by Steam users over on this forum as any preordered game can now be refunded via the Store transactions page. You should see a link under the price saying “Refund an item.” At this time, it’s not officially confirmed if the money gets put back onto your credit card or if you’re merely given the money back as store credit. I’ve heard the latter aspect, so for now, expect store credit. But hey, you’re going to spend more money on Steam anyway so it’s all good, right?

Either way, the process for a refund is much shorter now and a welcomed addition.

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