Prepare Your Hard Drives! Dead Rising 3 And The Massive 13GB Patch

If you were craving more ways to destroy zombies then you were probably pleasantly surprised at seeing the new Operation Broken Eagle DLC release for Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One yesterday. You may have also been prompted to install an update prior to running the game which may have caused a long delay for you being able to play such content.

The reason? You’ve just downloaded one of the biggest game related patches I’ve ever seen, clocking in at a hefty 13GB.


Since Dead Rising 3’s release back in November, Capcom Vancouver has been listening to feedback and created a large checklist of improvements and fixes they’d like to implement. That hard work has culminated in a 13 GB patch which released alongside the DLC yesterday. Speaking with Xbox Wire (Microsoft’s Xbox Blog), Executive Producer, Josh Bridge, shed some light on why the patch is so massive.

“We’ve been actively engaging and monitoring fan reaction and feedback on the game and it’s really important that even though we’ve shipped the game and got it out to gamers, we want to make sure it’s a fun experience and nothing’s getting in their way. After release and through the holidays, we’ve been putting together a large update list. It’s in reaction to everything we could find and we’ve actually been directly reaching out to fans who’ve encountered issues.” Bridge said. “With all of the fixes and everything, it’s a large update of about 13 gigs, but we really recommend getting it to ensure compatibility with the online players and all of the upcoming add-on content that’s coming out shortly as well.”

So what are some of the big changes? In addition to some glitches and graphical oddities, the stability and performance has been improved which also includes online aspects as well as the single player. From a game standpoint, item selection has been tweaked due to some players having a tough time getting their character to pick up the correct item from a group of things on the ground. Another big feature is that the team has added Haptic feedback to the Xbox One controller triggers. They’re primarily used as indicators for things like high vehicle damage and low ammo count on weapons. For the full list of changes and fixes, have a look here.

Operation Broken Eagle is the first chapter in the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos DLC for Dead Rising 3. It’s available now as a part of the season pass or you can pick it up for $9.99.

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4 Responses to Prepare Your Hard Drives! Dead Rising 3 And The Massive 13GB Patch

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    It probably is a pain for many (especially those in places with throttled ISPs), but the old 100% offline, no patches console gaming is DEAD. 13 gb may seem excessive, but in a world where digitally downloading new purchases has become more and more a norm, it is par for the course.

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