Outerlands Documentary Looks To Highlight The People And Culture of Games

I’m not one who typically writes about Kickstarter campaigns but I found the following extremely compelling and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. Placing the focus of videos games on the culture and people behind it has had some great features recently with documentaries like Indie Game: The Movie and even King of Kong: A Fist Full Of Quarters to name a few. Outerlands is a new project from the guys over at Area5, who have substantial experience putting together video podcasts and documentaries including I Am Street Fighter, Co-Op and Grounded: Making of The Last of Us. 

The big reason why Outerlands has caught my attention is because of who it comes from. Area5 is made up of the people that brought us the 1Up Show during 1Up.com’s heyday of the mid to late 2000s before the site was shut down for good in early 2013. Typically the show would involve the other editors currently working at 1Up.com at the time as they discussed the latest releases or talking about a game and what they thought of it. Mixed between these segments typically was a story line that spanned the entire episode. The thing that really stuck with me though was how high the production value and overall quality of these online shows were. You could tell the crew that put these together loved what they did and in turn, that made the final product that much better.

The other aspect that really caught my attention after watching the Kickstarter trailer was the strong King of Kong sort of vibe from it, and if you’re also someone who likes all the quirkiness of that movie, you’ll want to check out this out as well. There appears to be a number of interesting personalities and background stories ready to be told here.

Area5 is looking for around $210,000 which would allow them to make six episodes at around 45-60 minutes each. Obviously, there are stretch goals in place to allow for additional episodes and bonus features should they go past their initial goal. The guys at Area5 have a proven track record of putting together some great videos and I have no doubt that this project will achieve the same level of awesome.

Here’s the project trailer:

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