Hello Games Rebuilding and Upbeat After Devastating Flood

Last month, Joe Danger developer, Hello Games, suffered through a massive flood in their hometown of Guildford in the UK after the river Wey broke on December 24. Sadly, the majority of their office was destroyed including studio assets, PCs, dev kits, furniture, and a host of other things. Not to mention the town in general was under water and without power during a relatively cold time of year.

Since that time, Hello Games has set up shop in a new temporary location and have begun the rebuilding process. In a blog post, managing director Sean Murray provides an update to fans on what happened and what the team is working on now.

Sadly, it appears their insurance won’t cover any of the losses suffered during this flood. While specific dollar amounts were not given, Murray did confirm that the value could probably fund a small game.

For those of you wondering about their ambitious new title, No Man’s Sky, Murray goes on to say that they won’t let a delay happen and they’ll do whatever it takes to get this title out on time. You can read the full update here in addition to seeing some pictures of the flood. I’ve experienced floods before but nothing to that magnitude. Seeing how far under the cars are must have been absolutely terrifying and depressing to see in person.

“What’s happened sucks. It sucks to see years of concept art floating in muddy water, it sucks to lose so much so quickly (Christmas or not). When we moved into this office it was a wrecked warehouse, and we did it up real nice.” Murray said. “It isn’t some anonymous building to us, and it literally broke my heart to watch what happened. If you’ve been robbed (or flooded), you probably know how it feels. From the outside it might make us seem fragile as a company, but I promise we’re strong and I hope we’ll come out of this stronger.”

I’m glad to hear that the team is doing well, rebuilding, and seems to have come out of this horrible situation stronger. Best wishes to them all as they push forward.

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