Incoming Content Drop! Call of Duty: Ghosts Expanding With Onslaught DLC

Yesterday, rumors became official as Activision confirmed that the first downloadable content will be arriving for their popular first person shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Onslaught brings four maps to the table and also part one of the Extinction campaign called Nightfall. Fog looks like it was ripped straight from a horror movie as it’s dark, gloomy, and filled with…yes, you guess it: fog. More on this map below. Bayview lets players run around a boardwalk town complete with a moving trolley. Finish off a field order here and you’ll be able to call in a naval strike from one of the destroyers sitting in the harbor. Containment is set in a small town down in Mexico featuring a dry riverbed for players to run through. Completing a field order here will allow you to call in a mortar which will detonate a radioactive missile in the middle of town. Last of the four multiplayer maps is called Ignition and is a remake of Scrapyard from Modern Warfare 2. Wrap up a field order here and you’ll be able to activate a test engine which will burn anyone in the vicinity.

Nightfall is chapter one of the planned five part Extinction DLC campaign and sets out to answer the question of why these alien creatures are here. Nightfall picks up after the point of contact mission on the disk and brings with it one new weapon and two new enemies including a giant boss creature and a smaller enemy that goes invisible and can teleport.

Do you hear heavy breathing? Yes, January appears to be the new October as Michael Myers joins the fight in the new “Fog” map. Players can transform into the killer when they complete a field order. At that point, the music changes to the classic theme, you don the mask and ax, then you’re free to go to town on the other players. I honestly never thought I’d write something like that.

To round out the content offering, players will also gain access to the Maverick Assault Rifle and A2 Sniper Rifle.

Onslaught will be available to Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners on January 28. No word on other platforms quite yet but if we look at past history, everyone should expect this about a month later. At the time of this post, no price was made available but $15 would be a pretty good guess.

The debut trailer can be seen below:

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