Project Spark Beta Expanding To Xbox One In February

The do-it-yourself game creation tool, Project Spark, will be hitting Xbox One in February for closed beta testers as confirmed by Team Dakota’s official Facebook page.

The Xbox One version will be available to current beta testers currently using the Windows 8 version as they’ll be receiving an email with an Xbox One download key. The full release is still on track for sometime later in 2014.

I’m currently in the beta and I’m a bit overwhelmed and impressed with the amount of content that’s available. There really doesn’t seem to be a limit to what you can do. I haven’t put as nearly much time into it as I’d like, but trust me, it’s wonderful so far.

For those unaware, Project Spark allows players to create game worlds using tools that don’t require knowledge of coding. The development tool uses a lot of visual prompts to allow the user the freedom to create what they want and make it as complex as they want. Creations made on the PC will also be able to be accessed via the Xbox version and vice versa as well.

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