CES 2014: Valve Reveals Third Party Steam Machines

Alright, I’m going to let my ignorance hang out here for you all to enjoy for just a moment.

Yesterday’s big news out of CES (for you gamer types anyway) had to have been Valve announcing it’s partnerships with a bunch of PC manufacturers like Alienware, Origin PC, and Northwest to create Steam Machines. Personally, I figured this would be a Valve only thing, so hearing that they reached agreements with so many third party manufacturers really took me by surprise.

Frankly, the wide range of available machines in terms of size, price, and model is just absolutely staggering. I guess I didn’t realize there would be such a flood of machines to the market like this. Almost makes you wonder why you’d drop $6,000 on a Falcon Northwest Tiki box when you could probably just customize your own for less. Still, if you’re the unmotivated type or want an easier solution to buying a PC, picking up a premade Steam Machine could be an attractive option.

With that said, how much is too much? Will having this many Steam Machines out there fragment and confuse the normal consumer? Are you planning to jump in? Let me know what you think of the master list in the comments.

Below the jump, I’ve put together all 13 announced models and price (if available).

Falcon Northwest Tiki
Price: $1,799-$6000
Release: Unspecified 2014

CyberPower PC
Price: $499/$699
Release: Q3-Q4 2014

Price: $1,090
Release: Unspecified 2014

Origin PC Chronos
Price: TBD
Release: Unspecified 2014

Digital Storm Bolt II
Price: $1,899+
Release: January 2014

Price: $500
Release: Unspecified 2014

Price: TBD
Release: Q3-Q4 2014

Price: $1,499+
Release: Unspecified 2014

Next Spa
Price: TBD
Release: Unspecified 2014

Price: $599
Release: Unspecified 2014

Gigabyte Brix Pro
Price: TBD
Release: Unspecified 2014

Price: $1,098
Release: Unspecified 2014

Price: $1,339
Release: Unspecified 2014

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