Weekend PSA – Free Multiplayer For Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Happening Now!

Are you a new PlayStation 4 owner who is still on the fence about Guerrilla Game’s very pretty shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Sony and Guerrilla are giving PlayStation Plus gamers like you, a nice opportunity to essentially play the game before you buy it with the free mulitplayer event going on right now!

KZSF_FreeWeekendThe event kicks off today (12/28) and runs through the end of the year ending finally on Dec 31. Players will have access to all of Shadow Fall’s multiplayer elements, so don’t mistake this for a small demo of the online mode. During this event Guerrilla will also be running various competitions and tournaments for players to participate in, all being listed on their main site here.

So how do you get in?

Well, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you should have a prompt to download the game either by going to the Killzone Shadow Fall store page on the PS4 or from the internet site right here. One thing Sony would like people to keep in mind is that the single-player content will start downloading as well even though you can prioritize the multiplayer however. Please note that even though the single player side is downloading, it will not be available for you once it completes unless you purchase the game in full. Hey, at least it’ll save you time if you decide to buy it after.

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