Death Comes For You In March 2014 With Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

We all know Blizzard tends to be notorious for saying the line “when it’s ready” in regards to releasing new games, but earlier this week, Diablo III players were given some good news about the upcoming expansion: Reaper of Souls.


March 25 is when PC and Mac players will be able to storm the gates of Westmarch to take down the corrupted angel, Malthael. As usual, players have a choice of version to pick up as well, ranging from the standard edition ($39.99) to the Digital Deluxe edition ($59.99). There’s also a Collector’s Edition of the game as well which will be available on a limited basis in stores. The Digital Deluxe edition features a spectral hound minion to accompany you in the game, a treasure goblin pet for World of Warcraft players, and different portraits for Starcraft 2. The Collector’s Edition on the other hand features everything from the Digital Deluxe edition, an Angel of Death mouse pad, art book and behind the scenes Blu-ray/DVD.

In addition to adding a brand new chapter to the game, Reaper will also be adding more end game content and a brand new ‘Adventure Mode’ along with raising the level cap further. If you want a more detailed rundown of just what’s in the expansion, have a look at my Blizzcon post.

While we now have a solid release date for the PC and Mac versions, Blizzard has not yet commented about the PS4 version. With how well the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were received, hopefully the next generation version won’t keep us waiting too much longer past March. I’m eager to see how this version of the game turns out.

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