10 Minutes of Awesome: Dying Light Night Gameplay

Dying Light is a game that looks phenomenal and has a huge amount of promise. Taking cues from games like Dead Island (of course, it’s Techland after all) and Mirror’s Edge, Dying Light looks to mesh multiple genre’s together in a very unique and different type of franchise.  Will mixing survival horror, first person free running, and an open world work? I for one hope so.

Techland has opened the gates a bit with another gameplay walkthrough, this time showing off just what kind of nightmares come out at night. During this time, you are no longer the hunter as the world now becomes your disadvantage. The once slow-moving and relatively unintelligent zombies become energized and gain the ability to run, jump and climb. If that weren’t enough, you’ll also need to deal with special infected zombies as well. The game essentially changes so much that it practically forces you to change your playing style.

What I really like about the following video is that it shows off the HUD elements, giving us a more complete look at how the game will actually play at release. You’ll get a look at the “Blackout” mission which tasks the player with fixing a critical supply route for a group of survivors. If you move quickly enough, you just may be able to complete it before the darkness hits. Unfortunately, for the player,  he’s not so fortunate to escape the horrors of the night. Enjoy!

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