Operation Broken Eagle Touching Down In Dead Rising 3

For those of you looking for more ways to maim, slash, crush, and all around destroy the undead horde in Capcom’s Dead Rising 3, there’s some good news coming for you.

The first expansion called Operation Broken Eagle in the “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” series for Dead Rising 3 is going to be available for download in less than two weeks. Within this content pack, you’ll be playing as a former Spec Ops Commander called Adam Kane, whose main mission is to locate the missing president.


Not only do players get the new mission, this expansion also comes packed with five new weapons, one new vehicle, one new combo weapon, a new outfit to wear and of course additional gamerscore to achieve. What’s interesting about this expansion is that even though it’s considered “stand alone” the progress you make including the new weapons and vehicle will travel with you back to the main game.

If you’re still on the fence about the game, Capcom has also just released a brand new demo which gives players 20 minutes of freedom to roam around the large sandbox. On a downside, the demo can only be played twice per Gamertag.

All this just in time for the holiday, as the DLC expansion will be available for you and yours on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) for $9.99 or for the low price of free if you own the season pass. Merry zombie Christmas from Capcom!

*UPDATE* Well, it looks like we’ve all been naughty this year as Capcom has delayed the DLC until January 21, 2014 for additional polish and testing. 

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