The Addiction Continues: Local Multiplayer Coming To Peggle 2

I’m having a great time with Peggle 2 so far (more on that another day) but if you’re like me, you may have noticed a certain mode missing from the game. Local multiplayer unfortunately did not make release which is interesting because it was there from the start in the first game. Before you go storming off to PopCap HQ with your pitchforks and torches, hang on a second. PopCap is aware of this issue and will have it corrected shortly.

In a post on Facebook, game producer Jared Neuss thanked fans for their support during the launch of the addictive puzzle game and also as a token of their affection, announced that they’re bringing back the popular Duels! mode. Better yet? It’s going to be free to download. Duels mode may be familiar to Peggle veterans as it pits two players (local or online) against each other, head-to-head, on the same board. No release date was given for the mode, but they hope to have it in our hands as soon as possible.

Outside of that, Neuss was pretty cagey about what else they have planned but did confirm that they have a number of surprises and updates coming. If PopCap has their way, you’ll be Peggling for a long time. Just the way they want it, don’t fight the addiction.

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