Prepare For Your New Addiction: Peggle 2 Releases December 9

While the article title may be all in good fun, I do know a couple people that were hopelessly addicted to the original Peggle when it released a few years back so it’s also very much true. Perhaps PopCap should just change their name to Addiction Inc or Addictive Games. It would certainly fit them after releasing titles like Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies, and the aforementioned Peggle.

PopCap has recently announced that the true sequel, Peggle 2, will be available for download on the Xbox One on December 9 and will carry a price tag of $11.99. Currently it’s a timed exclusive title to the Xbox One so no release details were given for other platforms.

Sure, you’ve played the first one, so why should you be interested in a new version? While the main objective is still to clear the board of all pegs without losing a ball, the game will have some new features and tricks to bring to the table. Each level (over 120!) will have optional objectives to accomplish along with pinball like bumpers near the bottom to help keep the ball in play perhaps a bit longer than normal. Not only that, the different colored pegs on the board now have different abilities such as orange pegs being able to clear a path for you while blue pegs allow you to earn extra points.

The Peggle masters make a return along with a slew of new ones each with their own powers and abilities to help you such as Jeffrey the beer drinking troll who can drop boulders down entire lines of pegs or Berg, a yeti, who can freeze the board allowing the ball to bounce around longer knocking out pegs.

Get ready to catch the fever all over again on December 9.

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2 Responses to Prepare For Your New Addiction: Peggle 2 Releases December 9

  1. Chuck says:

    I enjoyed the previous Peggle titles and will definitely pick this up on release. Also appreciate the lower than expected price.

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