Xbox One Launch Event Recap

Not one to be outdone by Sony, Microsoft invaded New York City (and other major cities as well like Los Angeles) last night and completely took over in preparation of the now launched Xbox One console. Unlike Sony however, Microsoft treated this event more as a cross between entertainment and games rather than a mini-E3 reveal event. Overall, it was a bit underwhelming if you were looking for news, but it was still a fun event. Hey, we only get these celebrations about every 8 years so how can you really complain? Here’s a quick recap in case you missed the event on Spike TV last night.


Ultimately, there wasn’t too many shocking announcements, the event itself was pretty straightforward. Microsoft chose instead to focus on their launch titles while making it basically like a big party. I guess you could say that fits hand in hand with their message for the Xbox One: Combining entertainment and games into one package, so the company was playing to its strength.

In addition to performances by Deadmau5 and Macklemore, we were also given looks at the LaFerrari vehicle in Forza Motorsport V and in real life. Major Nelson was on hand to honor an Xbox Live user who’s very close to hitting 1 million gamer score, which if you’re only playing one region specific console, is pretty much impossible. Known as Stallion83, he’s playing games on as many region specific consoles as he can and while he’s not quite at the 1 million plateau yet, Major Nelson presented him with a very sleek white Xbox One, typically reserved for Microsoft employees, and a lifetime membership to Xbox Live, the only one of it’s kind at the moment.

If you’re like me, you were interested in seeing the short interview with Abbie Heppe and Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment, talking about the much anticipated shooter, Titanfall. Ultimately, they didn’t cover much new ground with a trailer or news, but they did mention a big announcement at the VGX Awards on December 7. Personally, I’m not sure what they’re going to announce, but perhaps the big surprise could be early beta access?

The last piece to the night outside of seeing everyone purchasing their consoles for the first time, was a pretty cool montage of upcoming games which included footage from Tom Clancy’s The Division, Watch_Dogs, Sunset Overdrive, Dying Light, and Quantum Break to name a few. Make sure you watch the text underneath the game title as you’ll see that some have exclusive content coming as well. You can check that out below:

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