Xbox One’s Upload Studio Shown Off (And Other Xbox News)

We’re in the home stretch now for those of you waiting to get your hands on Microsoft’s next gen offering in the Xbox One and as the days tick down into hours, more and more details are becoming clear on certain features.

Yesterday, we were given a demonstration on how Upload Studio and the SkyDrive will work together to allow you to capture, edit, and post gameplay videos right from the Xbox One. Once the video is captured, it gets stored in your personal SkyDrive account up in the cloud, allowing you to share you clips where you want including sites like Facebook and YouTube. It all appears seamless and very easy to use including the editing tools bundled in. Instead of trying to explain it, lets listen to Kyle Lampe as he walks us through the process.

I have to admit, being someone who recently go into video capture and editing, being able to do all this right from a console without having to hook up any wires or devices is pretty nice. Granted, it doesn’t seem to allow for really long videos (looks like 5 minutes may be the maximum according to one of those screens in the video), but I can get over that because of the ease of use. Either way, it’s a great addition and a valuable tool for gamers.

Other News

On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft also announced that Twitch will not allow you to livestream/broadcast gameplay from the Xbox One at launch. You’ll still be able to view streams but broadcasting will be coming sometime in early 2014. Many will more than likely be disappointed by this as being able to stream right to Twitch has been a surprise hit with gamers on the PS4. It’s also a wonderful tool for marketing games or bringing awareness to titles which may be a bit under the radar. Hopefully this is something that can be remedied sooner rather than later to capitalize on that popularity.

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