Hands On With the Xbox One

Editor’s Note: Recently my friend was lucky enough to go hands on with the upcoming next generation console and always being someone to ensnare my friends whenever possible to write for me, I jumped at the chance. So while I have not been able to go hands on with this console yet, let him be the one to offer his opinion on what we experienced. Many thanks!

While Christmas shopping with my girlfriend this past weekend at the Boca Town Center Mall, I happened across not one, not two, but three XBOX ONES ready to play, no lines, no waiting. I absolutely could not believe it. I was able to spend some one on one time with the console and here are some of my impressions.

  1. Size: There’s a lot of talk about how enormous the XBOX ONE is compared to the PS4. If you go by the picture that has accompanied aid claim, then yes it’s noticeably larger. However, when you see it in person you very quickly realize that the Playstation has just gotten a lot smaller. The XBOX ONE is the same size as anything else you may have in your entertainment arsenal.
  2. The controller: This thing is gorgeous. Perfect across the board (weight, size, button placement, etc.) The feature that stood out the most was the new vibration motors in the triggers. I noticed this immediately and it definitely makes you feel closer to the action.
  3. Graphics: The three games that were being demoed were Killer Instact, Forza Motorsport 5, and the new Kinect Sports Rivals. Forza easily took the prize home for graphics out of the three. Kinect Sports Rivals and Killer Instinct looked exactly how you think they would look, but Forza was bananas. The cars look downright realistic, and the lighting and weather in this game are brilliant.
  4. Speed: The XBOX ONE didn’t lag for a second. If there’s one thing I hate about video games, it’s loading times. With the XBOX ONE you can kiss those days goodbye. While I wasn’t overly impressed with Kinect Sports Rivals, I did get to see the new Kinect in action and what surprised me the most is how responsive the motion sensor is. The motions and detection appears to be very smooth without any lag. It definitely looks like a sizable jump from what we had with the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor.

I can’t wait for November 22nd!

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