Killer Instinct ‘Classic’ Details Finally Emerge

One of the more intriguing aspects to the brand new Killer Instinct game is that if you plop down at least $40 for it, you’ll be getting the original Killer Instinct arcade title (as well as some additional items). Growing up a fan of Rare’s fighting franchise, this immediately sparked my interest but unfortunately details were a bit light.


As the launch date looms over the horizon, details are starting to come out about what the “Classic” version of KI will contain. Recently in an interview over at Siliconera, game producer Torin Retting set the record straight on what fans can expect with this version.

First and foremost, there are no plans to release Killer Instinct Classic separately, so the only way to get your paws on it will be through the Ultra and Pin Ultimate editions of the title. At release, classic will also be missing online multiplayer but Double Helix and Microsoft are in talks to potentially fix that at a later date. For now, you’re getting two versions of the arcade classic. You’re getting the original arcade version which includes a host of fan favorite exploits and glitches such as Cinder’s infinite combo loop and also the updated version which was released after to correct these issues. Outside of that, Double Helix has added new features such as a training mode with special options and an original sprite gallery.

I think we can all assume that Killer Instinct 2 is bound to be included in Season 2’s Ultra and any Ultimate versions just like we’re seeing now with the first game. That is, provided we get to season 2. For more on Killer Instinct why not have a look at all the different price points and full character lists. Killer Instinct launches on November 22 when the Xbox One hits store shelves.

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