30 Minutes of Awesome – Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

Ever since it’s official reveal in Game Informer earlier this year, we really haven’t gotten much in the way of actual gameplay from BioWare. Well, all that changes right now.

Filmed at this year’s Digiexpo out in Finland, we are treated to 30 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay and a few technical details about the game as well. Where the gameplay begins we find the Inquisitor in an area named “Crestwood” which, according to BioWare, is larger than all of Dragon Age 2. That right there is mighty impressive. Within the 30 minutes, you’ll see BioWare’s big focus on decision making and how they can dynamically change the world. In one instance, you’re making a decision about where to place troops. Do you allow them to recover and defend a local village, or do you pull them back to the front lines to defend the keep? There’s value in both, so you’ll need to decide which is more important to you. It looks as though you’ll be making a lot of tough choices through out your playthrough and it will be interesting to see the consequences and how the world changes.

From what I could tell, combat seems to take ideas from both previous Dragon Age games. Tactical pausing seems to be returning along with the ability to directly control your party members and their decisions. With that said, combat continues to look fluid and swift so if you prefer to play it more like Dragon Age 2, it appears that you can. Effects and animation appear to also be quite impressive especially once you get to the rock giant fight.

Keep in mind that the quality isn’t the best as it’s being filmed and isn’t direct footage. Hopefully either EA or BioWare fixes that at some point because I’d love to view this thing in glorious 1080p. One thing is for sure though, Dragon Age appears to be back on track. I can’t wait to see more on this one.

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