12 Minutes With Xbox One – User Interface Demo

Well here it is. The major shot from Microsoft with the Xbox One. If you’re still a bit skeptical or want to actually see the system in action, the following video is for you. In it, you’ll see how the dashboard can be personalized and also how certain functions will work such as biometric sign-in, live switching, and game DVR. It’ll be your best look at the system outside of actually buying one.

Frankly, I like what I see here. Yes, it’s the Windows 8 style of tiles and pins but from what I can see, it looks clean and elegant. I haven’t gone hands on with the system so I can’t outright say how it feels or anything, but I like the look of it. It’s also nice how you can customize and tailor it to you and the things you like. That’s an element I wish we had now with the Xbox 360 as it would make life so much easier with the current dashboard design. If you’re a fan of multitasking then it looks like the Xbox One will make you very happy. At one point in the video, Marc Whitten quickly opens up a ton of different programs and they load quickly and seamlessly.

There’s a lot of voice activation going on here and at first, I wasn’t sold on having the Kinect bundled into the console. While you can still get around the dashboard comfortably with a controller, I now see the value that Kinect brings. With it, you’re able to quickly move around the user interface, opening up programs and switching to different things as fast as you want. From the Skype demo in here as well, it looks like Microsoft has improved the camera and spacing issue as well.

Kudos to Microsoft for doing this. I know we got a kind of campy trailer from Sony a few months back about a person playing in what can only be described as a gamer shack, but I wish they’d do something like this for the PlayStation 4. As of now, I only have some vague insights into how the dashboard will actually work. Then again, I guess everything will be answered at the end of this week, now won’t it. The next generation of gaming is truly right around the corner now.

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