Diablo III Reaper Of Souls Gets A New Trailer

In advance of this today’s big BlizzCon event which celebrates all things Blizzard, a new trailer for Diablo III’s upcoming expansion has seemed to leak.

What’s interesting about this trailer is that it goes into detail about much of the expansion’s new features and modes including the much sought after “Adventure” mode. This is the new addition that focuses more on loot and boss hunting. From what I can see, the player has a big map with bounties available. They can warp into these areas, defeat enemies and bosses for loot, money, and experience. It seems to be a mode where someone can sit down, hammer a few out, and then stop if they’re limited on time.

Nephalem Rifts are also shown off and appear to be mini dungeons where players need to battle through waves of enemies to make it to the final boss, almost like those “Loot Runs” that were previously announced at Gamescom.

From a gameplay perspective, two big additions are also making their way to the game in the form of an NPC named The Artisian who specializes in removing and adding special effects and stats to gear. Additionally, a Transmogrification mode is being implemented allowing players to change their appearance and not sacrifice the gear they have on. I’m not terribly familiar with it, but apparently, this feature is already present in World of Warcraft and will behave very close to that in Diablo III.

I’m sure we’re very close to getting more details this weekend, but for now enjoy the following trailer (provided that Blizzard and/or Activision has not yet taken it down).

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