Sony Details Core Aspects Of The PlayStation 4 Console

It’s crazy to think that we’re only nine days away from the beginning of the next generation of gaming. It seems like yesterday that it was E3 and we were finally getting a good look at both systems. Obviously a lot has changed since those fateful days in June and as both companies crank up the ol’ hype machine in an effort to get hungry consumers to throw money their way, the details have started to spill out.

I showed you what the Xbox One UI would be like last week, so lets have a look at the other side of the coin and see what Sony is offering with their next gen outing in the PlayStation 4, shall we?

Below, four videos await you, each detailing a specific aspect of the system. You’ll be getting the details on the new Dualshock 4 controller, a look at the next gen titles available, how the Vita and PS4 will work together, and finally hear developers talk about the system. Okay, so the last one is a bit of a fluff piece, but overall it should give you a good look at what Sony is bringing to the table overall.

You can find each video after the jump…


PS Vita and PS4 Connectivity

Dualshock 4

Developer Diary

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