Microsoft Shows Off The Dashboard UI On Xbox One

If you’re curious to see how the new “dashboard” will look and work on the Xbox One, Microsoft has finally released a trailer detailing what you can expect from it. In this demo trailer, you’ll see lots of multitasking from going from a tv show to a Skype call, to a game. It all looks very cool but I wonder how the pausing feature would work on a multiplayer game like Titanfall. Ah, semantics. Lets just enjoy this for what it is and worry about details later, right?

Frankly, I’ll let the video do the talking but if this is 100% representative of how it’ll work, then I’m sold. The system (from the trailer) seems very sleek and quick. I was wondering how the Windows 8 style tile menu would work on a console but based off what I saw there, it looks to function really well. Here’s hoping the following video wasn’t edited in any way because what they have here looks wonderful.

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