17 Minutes of Awesome: Batman Arkham Origins

With Batman Arkham Origins launch worldwide today, why not celebrate with 17 minutes of gameplay?

Here we’re treated to 17 minutes of sweet Batman gameplay on a guided tour from the developers themselves. You’ll be able to see some of the new gadgets at work, the size of Gotham City you’ll be able to play around in, and even take a look at Alfred and the Batcave. The back half of the trailer will also walk us through a mission set inside the Gotham City PD station. Thankfully, you can now fast travel which looks to be a massive time saver and welcomed addition as well. Yes, you’ll notice a lot of striking similarities to it’s fantastic predecessor, Arkham City, but if Origins is anywhere near as good, you won’t be hearing me complain. Most game’s would kill to have a template like Arkham City to work off of. I’m also pleasantly surprised by Roger Craig Smith’s take on The Dark Knight. He does a great job sounding the part making the sting of Kevin Conroy not being on board much easier to bear.

And who knows, for those of you stuck at work, the following video will either make the wait pass by faster or that much more excruciating. It’s a roll of the dice or a flip of the coin if your speaking to Two Face anyway. So lets join up with Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre as they walk us through some bad guy beat downs in Batman Arkham Origins.

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